We focus on the telecommunications, banking and media sectors, closely linked to four fields of expertise.
Atlas Management has successfully realised numerous projects in recent years. During this time, procuring benefits for the client was always the focus of our work.

Dr Joachim Seifert

Head of Atlas Management Banking Practice; area of expertise: banking operations.

Previous experience
Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company Inc.; responsible for major projects in the areas of banking and telecommunications.
Specialisation: Cost reduction for financial organisations, outsourcing in the area of bond trading, monetary transactions and credit.

Studied mathematical physics at the University of Stuttgart, the Ecole de Physique Magistère in Grenoble and the Technische Universität in Munich.
Post-graduate doctoral research at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich and the Steklov Institute, St. Petersburg.

Foreign languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese (the latter in need of some improvement).
Where would you most like to live?
Actually, I’d like to stay in Berlin. Since I’ve experienced a Russian winter I’m able to bear up against the winters here, unlike my colleague Michael…

Who is your favourite historical figure?
Ibn Rushd alias Averroës, who had begun to think modern thoughts even before the Middle Ages had set in.

Which fault are you most willing to forgive?
  • Ambition and disregard for rules (in my employees)
  • Neglect of private life (in my business partners)
  • Consensus mentality (in my clients)
  • Stubborn persistence (in myself)

Who is your favourite painter?
Franz Marc, Carl Barks

Your favourite composers?
Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky

Your favourite poet?
Rilke, Pushkin

Your favourite writer?
Thomas Mann, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mikhail Bulgakov

Can you recommend three books?
  • A Universal History of Infamy by Jorge Luis Borges – to emphasise the value of decency
  • The Indifferent Ones by Alberto Moravia, for everybody who finds Mann’s Buddenbrooks too “soft”
  • Finally, Gravitation by Misner, Thorner and Wheeler as a “no nonsense” contribution to Germany’s Einstein year

Why did you set up Atlas Management?
So that I only have to work with people I like. Of course, I’m not sure if that also applies the other way around ;-)

What other goals do you hope to achieve?
Professional: To establish Atlas Management as a leading consultancy company in the banking sector.
Personal: To finally master all 1,945 standard kanji characters (form of Japanese script) and run a marathon in under three-and-a-half hours. Both goals are somewhat distant from reality however…

How would you like to spend your retirement?
Reading, eating well, lying on the beach, acting on stage

What is your favourite activity, apart from working?
Reading books, keeping up my language skills, going to the theatre (and hoping to again find time to act), and lifting weights.

What is your motto?
Only by changing can you stay true to yourself.

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