Peter Seipp
Head of Atlas Management Media Practice. Specialisation: banking and telecommunications.
Dr Michael Gordon
Head of Atlas Management Telecom Practice. Specialisation: large projects for telecommunication companies and satellite operators.

Responsible partnerr Peter Seipp, Dr Michael Gordon
Functional activities
  • Business building
  • Interim management
  • Creating and spinning off companies
  • Restructuring
  • M&A
Hot topics in the industry Digitisation of cable TV networks
The German-speaking regions have been slower than other European areas in digitalizing their cable TV networks. Digital TV offerings enable a broader use of the available infrastructure, thus increasing potential turnover as well as the value of the investment.
  • Expansion and differentiation of the content range, for example through target-group specific programme bundles
  • Internationalisation of content improves cost/return ratio
  • Availability of a return channel opens up new business opportunities and promotes cross-media use

DSL as a third distribution channel in addition to cable and satellite:
the rapid proliferation of IPTV in Europe has made new content-distribution strategies possible.
  • Reduced distribution costs make tailored offerings for small audiences economically viable
  • (Re)definition of business models threatens incumbents
  • New models for the use and distribution of content (e.g., business TV) are made possible, thus opening up new business opportunities

Merging of brand communication and content generation:
Consumer goods manufacturers are discovering the opportunity to extend their brand not only through traditional advertising, but also through their own TV content.
  • Creation of a fully-fledged media offering
  • Implementation of all required operations
  • Innovative marketing concepts with active media use
  • Consistent refinement of the message and the channel used
Special expertise At Atlas Management, we’ve proven on numerous occasions that we can get your TV channel on air. From the provision of content to the distribution of the signal, this is where we directly involve our far-reaching network.
  • International rights acquisition
  • Development of digital TV services and packages (cable, DSL)
  • Establishment of radio and TV distribution structures
  • Global distribution of TV channels via cable networks, DTH (direct reception via satellite), IPTV, DVB-T, etc.

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